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Of giving and taking

I joined this community and platform for writers a bit less than a month ago. As a long time writer I wasn't looking for support getting writing done, but for the feedback and support from other writers about my writing and content. And maybe also a bit wider audience in general.

So far, that has been exactly what I have gotten. The support and feedback have been nice. And just getting a comment on my post feels awesome. An assurance that somebody has actually read what I have written and saw something worth mentioning.

That's where I feel guilty. I haven't been giving back much of anything. Sure, if I would think selfishly, I have given out my thoughts and writings for others to see. But that's not what I really think. I really want to also give back all those nice things I have received.

I just don't know where to start. The amount of text produced by the users is intimidating. There is no way I could go through all of it. Should I instead start returning favours, comment on the texts of those who have done so for mine?

Maybe if there was a feature of getting few posts to read and comment in return of getting your own posts in that same loop for review by others could work. Wouldn't favour anyone, and could well be an opt-in feature. Maybe even with the preference choosing how many posts you would like to review daily.