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The school I would have wanted to go

We went to the info event held by the school he is applying: Hive. It's a new kind of school aiming to teach new programmers and other it workers to fill the ever-increasing demand for such competencies. They don't require any specific background or education, just the will to learn and an open mind. And of course, you need to pass the gateway test and make it through the intensive testing period they call Piscine. The school is based on the concept of  French 42 school and backed up by some of the Finlands most notable software companies. 

No teachers, no schedules and no traditional course structure all sound good to me. I never was a fan of those back when I tried to finish my education. It just wasn't my way of learning. I always learned my own way, and still do. And that's what this school is all about at its core, it's trying to teach how to learn. When you are not given the curriculum and materials and measured with some abstract criteria you need to focus what's essential.

If my son is anything like me, I believe this is a perfect place for him. Now he just need a bit of luck to get enrolled into the first intensive period. As it will be the first come first serve for the first 150 attendees out of the over two thousand who made it past the gateway test.