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Don't know where to start

Sometimes I get so big topics in my head I don't even where to start unravelling them. Getting it all out at once feels like a huge task, but at the same time, it feels impossible to split it into smaller pieces. Those pieces just don't seem to fit back together. There is too much missing from between them.

Nothing of it seems to make any sense outside of my head. There it's just perfect complete construct, but anything I get out feels incomplete and scattered. Eventually, I might get everything out, but I don't know how to tie it all back together.

Maybe there are those gaps also in my head. I just ignore them, fill them with something blurry to make it feel like it's all seamless. But when I put all those pieces down its apparent that something is missing. My mind can't obscure those missing pieces anymore.

It's dangerous to think you have something complete in your head. You are too good deceiving yourself. Only by taking it all out can you see that what is missing. And start making the whole actually complete. Filling those missing pieces and connecting everything back together. It's not incomplete because you didn't get it all out, it's incomplete because those pieces were never there.