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Sick leave

So, due to my sudden back pain I'm going to be on a sick leave for couple of days. Rest, the doctor said is the best medicine for it. And the drugs. Got some muscle relaxants that do ease the pain but also make me a bit weary. So need to write this now that the previous doses effect has worn off and the next one hasn't kicked in yet. The options are writing through the pain or under the influence of those drugs. And I prefer writing sober.

This resting might be good for my body, but not for the peace of my mind. There are so many things I should get done and taking a couple of days of doesn't really help with the stress. But honestly, I couldn't have gotten much of anything done even if I tried. Maybe tomorrow is a better day and I can already start doing at least something. Not doing anything really doesn't suit me.

Once I get back in action I just need to prioritize and delegate more aggressively so that all those things won't pile up. Luckily, these days there aren't that many things anymore that are solely dependent of me at work.