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Intriguing opportunities

Just as i have gotten one project mostly out of the way there has been a couple of new projects available already. I seriously considered those for a moment. But luckily I finally came to my senses and declined them.

I think I still have enough to do for the next couple of months. And then, a small break wouldn't hurt. After that, I could seriously start considering to undertake any new projects. And even then, I need to remember not to take too many of those at the same time. Of course, if something really interesting comes up I know I'm probably unable to say no after all.

Maybe it's a form of addiction. I need to have something to work on in my spare time. Something to do with others, to connect. A way to express myself and be out there, meeting new people. Which, now that I see it written doesn't sound very much like me. Perhaps it's actually that challenge that intrigues me. I want to be more social, and these projects really force me to be more out there. It's a perfect combination of doing something I really like doing and challenging myself at the same time.