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Listen up

Testing, testing, one, two... is this thing on? Alright, they welcome everyone and thanks for coming. Oh, wait... who am I talking to? There is nobody here. Just me, myself and I alone.

That explains why it's so quiet. Just that one sound in my head as I narrate this text, narrate my thoughts into words. An essential skill to get them out and share with others. So they don't need to be mind reader's or try to guess what I am thinking.

So at the moment, nobody else is hearing this. Just me. But if you have gotten this far you are probably hearing a noise in your head as well. I wonder how do I sound in your head? Is it anything close to my own voice? Or perhaps just a random one you have heard somewhere. Something you have deducted how I should sound based on my texts.

Maybe these words don't make a sound at all. I doubt these lines are worth more than speed reading through and that usually means skimming through the text without making a sound in your head. That's the one thing holding your feeding speed at bay. So either stop hearing my words, or, if you will, read them in the voice of Morgan Freeman.