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Workarounds and temporal solutions

In autumn we will be in situation where me and both our kids are working / studying in Helsinki. That's fifty-something kilometers from where we live.

I have been travelling that distance for years. And for me, it hasn't been a problem. I can have remote days quite often and even when I do commute there I can work from the train as well.

But for the kids, it's a bit different. It would take my daughter over one and a half hour to get to her school. A bit over an hour for my son as well. That's quite a lot.

Sure, we could move closer. But we don't want to. We like it here. After these years this place has finally started to feel home and we have settled in. It's also a matter of money. Real estate around our capital is quite pricey. Sure commuting there isn't cheap either. There is also no point in buying an apartment big enough for all four of us now when in few years it will probably be left too big for just the two of us once the kids finally move away from home.

This needs a bit of an arrangements, but I'm sure we'll get it to work somehow. After all, it's just a matter of few years time.