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The con season is open

It's that time of the year again. Ropecon started yesterday and will go on for the whole weekend. Plenty of time to see friends, play games and attend to different talks.

 It's the first con for me this year, but it seems it's a start busy con season. Soon after this there will be the Worldcon next month followed by Tracon and X-con. And of course, there are those couple of professional cons I'm going to attend before the end of the year as well. And there might be one or two more that I don't even know about yet.

There is almost one con per month for the rest of the year. Good thing that those work-related ones are during the weekdays so there aren't too many weekends reserved for them. I think I have had too many of those in the first half of the year already.

All those cons also mean quite a bit of travelling. Dublin, Amsterdam and a few smaller cities here around Finland. Well, I haven't been travelling much either this year.

Really looking forward to all those events. They are great opportunity to learn, experience and meet new people as well as connect with the old friends.