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I'm glad I went

I had already decided not to go to Ropecon anymore today. There wasn't any reason to go and was pretty exhausted from all the socialising during the first two days.

But then, in the morning I got a message from one of the guys I have been arranging larps together. He was asking whether I would like to join them to an escape room. It didn't take long for me to decide to go. Even for just that one small event and nothing else.

It was nice, seeing all those people again and doing something together. We haven't been that much in contact after our last project. Everyone thought it would be nice to see more often. And not just at some events, or while doing some projects together.

So we agreed to meet as soon as possible. Take our time to hear what everybody has been up to during all this time and just hang around and spend some good time together.

And by the way, we aced the escape room. We beat the previous record by almost three minutes. Not bad considering the time limit was only twenty minutes. And we only needed less than half of that. We really work well together.