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Proud, but sad

Out of the over 14 000 applicants, 180 swimmers only 77 made it through the Piscine period and was admitted to the Hive school. And my son was one of those few who made it. I'm so proud of him. I had no doubts he wouldn't get in. He really worked hard and gave his everything during the Piscine.

But at the same time, I'm sad. The school is quite far away. And despite being the modern school the one modern aspect they are lacking is the remote studies. It's all on-site. So it's quite a long way to the school should he stay living under our roof. And that's what he has already decided not to do. He is looking for an apartment closer to the school. His first own apartment.

It feels weird and sad. Yet it has been inevitable. He's an adult now, he can do on his own. It's just that the time has passed so fast. It's still hard to grasp that he's a grown-up now. He's in a verge of starting his own life. I'm sure he'll do just fine on that as well. And I'm sure that new life won't be completely devoid of us either.