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Quick decisions

It usually takes a long time to make a decision. Too long sometimes so that you actually end up deciding against doing it. You might also take too long to thing so the opportunity to do the thing might have already passed once you finally reach the decision.

The more you think the more negative things you might find against the decision. And that just makes it more unlikely to end up doing the thing. But if you don't think carefully, you might end up doing something that you shouldn't do. 

Where is the good line between considering enough about your actions without thinking too much to not do it? Of course, there should always be some consideration about whether it's a good thing to do something. But sometimes it's better to throw yourself in the moment. As long as the decision to do so isn't too big.

After all, it should only apply to those "maybe" things you should do. If your first instinct is either yes or no then it's clear. And if you don't immediately conclude you shouldn't do something it couldn't be that bad that you shouldn't at least try to do it. So just do it!