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Escape artists

Yesterday our little group from traininglarp organizers went to another escape room. This time it was a real full size one and not just a demo room like last time. We wanted to see if we really are as good as the first try suggested when we beat the room record by quite a big margin. 

This wasn't the hardest room in town. As there are multiple escape room enthusiasts in out group we have probably collectively visited all those rooms already. So to find a room none of us had visited before was already a challenge. Luckily they are quite popular these days, so there are plenty to choose from and even between us six we haven't yet seen them all. And it's great source of recommendations for the rest of us if some of us have visited a good room.

So how did it go? Did we escape with a new record time? Well, unfortunately we weren't fast enough. We were only able to do the second-best time for the room this time. Somebody has been really fast as we still had over 24 minutes left on the clock when we walked out of the room. Not bad. And most of all, we all had a lot of fun.