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Time goes slowly for those who wait

Waiting is always painful. I wish the clock would tick faster. But instead, it appears to be frozen in place. I close my eyes and slowly count to ten, hoping the hands of the clocks had followed my lead. But there has been only a few ticks and tocks.

Three months until Christmas. I cross over another day from the calendar and count the days. Wasn't that yesterdays count? Almost the same anyway. Still almost a hundred days to go.

Where is all that time when I need it? In a hurry, I wish the clock could freeze. Instead, it seems like it's skipping those precious seconds. Probably storing them away somewhere. To be used when I'm waiting once again.

All those days waiting for something to happen, a day to come. Useless days just distancing me from the target. Why can't I store them instead? Use them when the time flies. Stop for a moment and enjoy in the middle of a busy week.

If only time would progress one minute in a minute I would take it. Be it as slow or fast in every situation. No matter if I'd be busy or waiting. To make it fair. But no, time is relative.