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Abundance of ideas

Where do ideas come from. And where can I store them until the time is ready for them to be made real.

They are surprisingly easy to come by. Anything can be a spark for a new idea. But not every idea is worth venturing further. It takes many ideas to find one worth realizing. But even those ideas not fit to manifest are important. They can be used to amend those that are.

Ideas are like seeds. They need a lot of nurturing to grow into something more concrete. Grouping similar ideas together will make them grow stronger. Taking cues from each other.

The problem with many ideas is that they come at the wrong time. Too early, or too late. That's why there should be a concordance of ideas at my disposal at any given time. To have an inventory from where to pull those out when needed. And a place to store them when not needed.

There are some bad ideas as well. Obviously it's impossible to avoid them. But it's important to identify them before they get any root. It's harder to weed them out if they do. Sometimes they might even sound like a good idea in the first place. But that is also true for good ideas that sound bad at start. So no idea should be judged too soon.

But after all, It's just an idea.