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Planetary fever

"We need to save the planet!". It's a common statement heard often these days. But the truth is, the planet doesn't need to be saved by us. What it actually needs is being saved from us.

Earth is surprisingly resilient to change. It is us that might not survive those changes. Our planet has survived a lot worse, it just didn't turn out that well at the time for then dominant species. Where the current climate change is heading isn't even anything out of ordinary. We have just managed to accelerate it's coming from millions of years into mere decades.

Global warming is actually the cure. The fever that will burn out the unhealthy parasites. Just like we get rid of bacterial infections. Unfortunately for us, it is the human race that is the disease that needs to be getting rid of. Or at least back under control.

So we don't need to save the planet. It will be alright. Probably majority of it's fauna and flora will also adapt and survive. Instead, we need to do it for us. We are the fragile part that will be wiped away. Maybe some small part of humanity will be able to adapt as well and survive.