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December at last

It's December, finally. The year is about to come to an end. And not just the year, but the decade as well. But more about that closer to the end.

December, the month of Christmas. Quite literally here in Finland as it's "Joulukuu" in Finnish. Joulu meaning Christmas and kuu month. So direct translation would be Christmas month. But  actually nothing to do with Christianity originally here.

In addition to being the month of Christmas and new near it's also the month we celebrate our independence day. Due to all these special days and national holidays it's one of the months with least working days. 

It's also the month when we usually get more permanent snow cover on the land. At least most parts of it. Up north it arrives usually a bit earlier and in the south there is hardly any permanent snow anymore these days. Offsetting the deepest darkness in those areas lucky enough to receive the cover. For rest of the country the overly  abundant Christmas lights surely do the trick.

Personally, there is also one quite meaningful day for me. The day I started writing. So it will mark another full year of writing as well during this month for me.