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Irrational fears

Ever since I was a kid I have hated dentists. I feared them so much that once I "didn't have" to go there anymore due to mandatory checks in school it took me 10 years and severe toothache to finally return to that chair.

Back then I got lucky. The dentist I was appointed took the fear seriously and was extra careful. Everything went well and I was fine going back there until the current situation was solved.

But once again, when I didn't have a good reason to go there it took another 10+ years and a similar situation to get me back again. That time I specially sought for a dentist specialized in tending fear patients. And everything went fine.

Still, I didn't return until another urgent incident. Even after those two good experiences I still get the chill when I think of going there. Nothing bad has happened during either of those times. But still, the bad memories from the childhood are the ones more vivid in my mind when I think about it. I can rationalize just fine that everything will go well this time as well, but I can't get away from that uneasy feeling.