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Sharing is caring

It's extremely easy to share all kinds of information today. That's a good thing when sharing something important and meaningful, but there is also the downside of information becoming so abundant it's hard to filter out all the irrelevant.

It's nice to give status updates to the people who you care and who might be interested in your wellbeing. Especially in these kind of times. It's good to share your knowledge so others can also benefit from that knowledge  helping them understand and do things on their own.

Sharing, when you care about others, when you thing the information you share might benefit them is a good thing. Unfortunately growing majority of content is self-centered. The goal is not to help others but either gain personal benefits or just seek attention. This kind of content can be dangerous as the poster doesn't care about the effects of it beyond their own gains. Some will do anything to get attention and views for their content.

This kind of content is dangerous not only when it's outright false information. It also dilutes the good content we are able to consume. It's the noise that buries all those meaningful things behind it. Not everything needs to be shared. Not sharing is also caring.