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The Pandemic is over

No, not the real one unfortunately, sorry. Just the boardgame we have been playing.

Note: might contain spoilers for Pandemic Legacy seasons 1 and 2.

This week we finally finished our campaign for the season 2 with a victory. Our final game went surprisingly easy even though it appeared almost impossible at first sight. We did end up being quite lucky as well as we were just one incident away from losing.

It took us four months overall, 18 sessions (so yeas, we had to play half of the months twice. But we also only lost once on the second try). That means on average we played once a week. Sure there were holidays during when we played more frequently and then some longer breaks. But still, we managed to keep up the sessions quite regularly. 

Unfortunately it seems that the season 3 might be delayed, so we can't continue our pandemic adventures right away. On the other hand, even that we had the season 2 already when we finished season 1 it took us almost a year to get started with the second season.

I would highly recommend both seasons. They are among the best cooperative boardgames I have played.