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Being here in the middle of the nature has reminded me how disconnected from it we have become. We miss out due the fear of missing out. We see the world through the glass without any touch with reality.

We live between charges, tethered by unseen waves delivering us an altered view of reality. Clean and bitesized, to not overwhelm us. Keeping us in comfort.

We are no longer customers, we might not even be the products being sold. We are the ones being consumed.

There is something calming in all that blue and green. The sound of wind in the trees and waves crashing at the shore. It can be perplexing. We can't control it or turn it of. We can only enjoy and appreciate it. While we still can.

Instead, we opt to be in control, seemingly. Having all the power at our fingertips. "I can quit whenever I want" we keep telling to ourselves. We can just turn of the devices, or at least put it down, leave it behind for a moment. But do we do that?