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It's been a long week

As I wrote last week these two weeks have been mostly talks at work. I've been sitting in meetings, mostly one on ones what feels like an eternity. 3-4 personal discussions in addition to the usual weekly meetings hasn't left me much of any time, or energy, to do anything else.

Luckily it's almost over now. The last discussions are scheduled for tomorrow save the few that we had to re-schedule until next week due calendar conflicts that happened to emerge since I originally booked these events.

Yes, I know it's only Wednesday. Not really yet a day to say it's been a week. It just feels like it after all these meetings. Maybe I have an internal counter that doesn't count days but the meetings per week to judge when there has been enough.

I thought it would be better to have these discussions over as fast as possible. But maybe next time I could try to expand them over a bit longer period of time.

It's been fun though. I've had some great discussions and it's always good to see people grow. Even better to be able to find their focus and help them grow even further. If it wouldn't be so damn exhausting mentally as an introvert I could imagine myself doing nothing but this.