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Silent week

I just realized I haven't been interacting much with anyone outside my close circle this week if you don't count all those work related meetings. I know I don't usually do much of it either but now it feels like have been extra silent. After all those work interactions I've just been too exhausted to even think about a single comment.

I've been concentrating on just getting through the bare minimum on writing as well. Haven't even cross posted anything to the other sites even as there has been for example some development related posts that could have been fit foe my Lifelog goals. Oh well, I guess I can always post them there later. Maybe even take time to review them and do some rewriting if needed.

While next week should be easier on the meeting front (there are still a few extra ones coming up) it's probably not going to be just another ordinary week either. From all those discussions I have tons of notes that need to be converted into proper reports, goals and proposals. So lot of writing coming up next. At least that's something I should be quite comfortable already at this point.