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Taking a critical look on the features is just the first step in pursuing the perfection through minimalism. Next step is to make the site also look clean. Every element should have a purpose, everything else is just noise. But the biggest challenge lies behind the scene: the lean code.

From the beginning I have made my technology choices for this site based on how effective they are delivering the needed functionality. During the rapid development I have had to make some compromises to keep up the velocity, adding unnecessarily bloated libraries to the project to just deliver some small feature.

In software development general and abstracted solutions can offer great developer experience and save a lot of development time. But such solutions also bring a lot of weight and complexity. Crafting minimal code to deliver just the feature needed and nothing else might be a bit more work. That work can however result in a huge reduction of total amount of code that needs to be shipped to deliver those features to users.

While the current footprint of Writestreak isn't that bad there is still plenty of room to improve. I want to keep my writing platform a core example of the green tech thinking philosophy. At 0,57g of CO2 per page load there is still a long way for Writestreak to deliver pages at the level which the old did.