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What to remove next?

Now that I have started at the path of minimalism I'm constantly staring at the screen trying to find more things to remove. There is still plenty of clutter that could be cleaned out. It's quickly turning into an obsession. I feel annoyed when I notice something that doesn't need to be there.

One way of making things look cleaner is to hide things from the view until they are needed. On the other hand I would like to keep as much of the features visible as possible. Hidden things just create hidden complexity. Feels a bit like sweeping the trash under the carpet.

But there are uses for that approach too. Like the editor controls for example. They are very much needed, but would add a lot of clutter to the screen if they would be visible all the time. They are also highly situational so it makes sense to only show them when needed. Maybe that principle could be used on other things as well.