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Lost motivation

For the past couple of weeks my motivation to go to the gym has been practically zero. I haven't been there for a while and every time there is a chance to go I've just felt like not going.

I think part of this reluctancy is due the absence of noticeable progress. After starting to work out again late last year the initial gains were once again quite big. But after the initial gains I quickly reached a plateau. It's easy to gain some strength rather fast after starting to work out if you haven't done much of anything for a while. But the effort that gets you there soon becomes just enough to maintain that state. To push forward form that point requires a lot more effort, not just casual practice.

Anyway, today I finally got myself back there. After all, it's not about infinite gains, I just need to keep myself at that baseline state. It's ok not to have constant progress on this one. It's more important to ensure there won't be any negative development either.