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Reverse MRR

Having a constant monthly income offers stability when the money flow is predictable. Increasing that income is usually the best way to increase the standard of living and get more freedom. But somehow, no matter how much the income grows it's always disappearing somewhere.

Looking after the expenses and spendings is an important part of the equation. But saving can feel a bit counter intuitive to appreciate all that hard earned money. I've earned the money, why couldn't I use them?

How about, instead of considering it saving I'd think those savings instead as an additional income. Set the starting point at the monthly income minus all the expenses and other spendings. See how much I actually earn.

Instead of thinking how much I spend on all the streaming services and how much I could save canceling one (or four) of them how would earning extra 20€ per month sound? Ok, not that much of a revenue yet.

But like companies use Monthly Recurring Revenue as their metric for success by counting how many users they can get on their monthly plan of, say 20€ it's not about a single user. So it shouldn't be about single saving either. Consider getting a hundred subscriber on your 20€ / month plan. How about doing the same with your expenses? Sure, there probably isn't that many places to save such money, but the idea is still the same: trying to get as many negative subscriptions as possible.