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Update on Writestreak development

There hasn't been much of any updates on Writestreak, both the actual service or the progress I have been making. It however doesn't mean there hasn't been any. Quite the opposite. The changes just have been subtle and the progress uninteresting.

Along the way I have made couple of minor fixes and improvements as a rolling updates. There is another batch of small tweaks already waiting for final testing before they are ready for release. Just need to find the time and inspiration for that in between doing the bigger changes behind the scenes.

Most of the effort I've put on this project recently has gone to the rewrite. I really wanted to finish the transition from the realtime database to Firestore before continuing with new features. It has taken longer than I originally anticipated, but it's still progressing nicely. Only things left are user profiles and comments and after that the migration of data.

Despite the effort, more I use the new stuff the more convinced I become that it was the right choice. Everything is just so much easier. Even when the framework itself doesn't provide something specific it's easy to build your own on top. I found this the hard way trying to convert the out of the box pager functionality into a "load more" instead. Trying to keep the declarative structure was a dead end compared to just doing it with reactive templates.

While I have been doing the rewrite I haven't just replicated the old functionality either. I've already implemented some new features as well as it was just so easy to add them along the way. Feels great when you can actually focus on problem solving and polished features instead of struggling with the basic stuff.