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Habits are easy to change, but they don't change easily

I'm on the train again, heading to the office. What used to be almost a daily ritual just a year ago has happened only twice last year. The walk to the station has still remained a kind of a ritual. Except the route in my mind has changed!

As I haven't been walking the route for so long I automatically followed the new default route I have assumed over the past year. The one in have taken driving there to drop- or pick up somebody from there. Even if that hasn't happened that often, maybe once or twice a month on average, it has still overridden my default route I follow on automation to the station. Luckily I reserved a bit more time today due to weather so the longer route didn't cause me to be late.

When I sat down on the train another ritual triggered. The cue to start writing has still remained strong despite the long pause. Nothing has affected that ritual, so it was right there where I left it, coming back again as soon as the conditions aligned.

It doesn't take much to change even the most established routines. So it's easy to change the bad ones, but you also need to be careful not to alter the good ones.