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The neverending reading list

I read a lot. I read a lot of fiction from just two specific, yet rather broad and popular, genres. Even within those genres of have focused mostly on few narrow subgenres where I find most of my readings. Even if nobody would ever again write anything new fitting to those genres and I would both do nothing but read for my expected.remaining life and wouldn't read anything but the books from those genres I would still fail to read it all.

The amount of available titles is so vast that it's still hard to find something to read, hard to choose what's worth reading. You'd think you know all the good books, the "must read" classics and popular favourites. Even if you haven't read them all surely they should at least be on your reading list.

Still, it's amazing that a casual chat with a colleague could lead to a discovery of a great book from an author you have never heard of.