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Long hanging task

Last Christmas we got four framed prints of maps from our most important locations from our son. The problem was the only proper place to hang those has a concrete wall.

After evaluating the hanging options the best one appeared to be a rail installed on the wall close to the ceiling where you can then suspend the frames with a cable. Not the easiest to install, but a lot easier to adjust the frames unlike the direct hooks on the wall.

Of course getting to this conclusion already took some time. Then it was time to get the actual rail and the installation kit. I also needed a percussion drill to get the holes to the wall. A tool I was missing from my toolbox, haven't had the need to make holes to the concrete before.

After getting everything needed it still took a couple of weeks to actually get started with the job. The wall is behind our huge couch so it needed to be moved away in front of the wall during the installation.

Today I finally got the inspiration to actually get to it and hang those maps to the wall. Seeing them now hanging there it was well worth the effort.