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Things I hate

  • I hate writing
  • I hate going to gym
  • I hate doing chores
  • I hate paying bills
  • I hate jogging
  • I hate boring tasks at my job

Ok, hate might be a bit of an exaggeration, but these are some of the tasks that I often feel daunting tasks to get started with. Given the choice I would rather do something else. But they are usually tasks that also have to be done, that I want to get done or are just good for me.

I also love having done those tasks. The satisfaction of completion is nice, well worth the effort. I could live just for that feeling. Unfortunately I also sometimes have to do some things I love in between.

Some things you just love doing, others: you need to learn to love having done them. There is no way getting around some of those tasks and it might be hard if not even impossible to learn to actually love doing them. But once done there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the fact that it is now in the past, done for good (until next time).