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When things break

As a Linux user I'm used to being able to investigate further when something stops working. There os always a way to start the crashing application in debug mode, access the logs or at least run it from the command lone to see the execution output. It's a lot easier to fix things when you know what went wrong.

It's the same with the physical things. I don't just admit my defeat, but instead try to figure out why something is working and whether I'm able to fix it myself. There are things I do not dare to touch, but most of the things are still somewhat user repairable. Especially when you try to pay attention to such things when acquiring them. Unfortunately more and more stuff is made to be unrepairable these days. Capitalism loves single-use stuff with a limited lifespan.

The software world outside the Linux ecosystem is also quite far from the repair-it-yourself ideology. Other platforms don't offer much of any useful information of what's happening under the hood. A good example of this was today when multiple applications on my phone stopped working. They would just crash right after launch. Even though Android is the more open alternative there aren't any easy ways to start investigating what's going on in such situations. You just need to sit back and hope the fix is on the way.

It's also scary how easily those vendors could gripple billions of devises around the world so easily.