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Spring vacation

Two more days before my ad-hoc vacation. I don't really have anything planned for next week and I really didn't feel like I would have been in need for a vacation. I just still have some carry over vacation days from last years that I quests I just have to use at some point. Next week is great time to use some as due to Easter holidays by spending just 4 vacation days I can get a total of ten days of vacation.

Since this year we will also have an option to convert our vacation pay to additional vacation days. You see we here in Finland not only get around 5 weeks of paid vacation per year, we also get paid an additional 50% salary during those days as a vacation pay. That's the part that can be concerted to additional vacation days e.g. we could get extra two and a half weeks of vacation.

Too bad it's not an option to do it the other way around. I wouldn't mind trading those extra vacation days I always seem to accumulate into some extra income instead.