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Books in motion

I love and hate the movies and shows based on books. Despite the fact that most those adaptions do not live up to the expectations set by the book (there are few exceptions that have actually achieved the opposite) I still want to see them all. And as you can assume, with my reading history, and at the rate studios churn out those adaptations there is quite a lot to watch.

It's also funny how if the film copies the book to the letter it feels bad. Like it didn't offer anything new, you could've just re-read the book. But if it changes too much it's not good either. It feels like heresy to change those sacred scripts.

I also like learning new stories. So it would be better to just skip all those shows and movies I have already read. Why not focus on the original stories, written directly to the silver screen? It's a whole different angle writing something that is meant to be visualized.