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Needed vacation after all

It's only three months from my last vacation and I wasn't really in need one. Or at least that's what I felt when I opted for this ad hoc vacation at this point. But now, when I think about not having to "go" to work tomorrow I actually feel quite relieved. Maybe I needed this vacation more than I admitted even to myself.

It's only for working days, so not much would have happened anyway. I don't have anything big under work currently, just the ordinary things. Nothing that couldn't wait for another week.

There is also a small yet important project starting hopefully soon after my vacation. Anything I could've done for it next week anyway. I finished my first part already this week when we secured the deal. Now I Just need to wait for others to finalize the details of the deal before I can get into the real action.

This break also allows me to catch up with all the things I've meant to do, but haven't got the time and energy after the days of work. Or not, there is nothing urgent I would have to deal with so I can also just take it easy and just relax.