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370 000 steps

The first quarter of the year is almost over. At this time I decided to look up at some of my personal statistics from the beginning of the year and compare them with the previous years.

I already knew I have been a lot less active for the past year. I've actually been a bit more active during the past 3-4 months than 5he half a year before that. But still the numbers show the sad truth. This year I have taken only 370 000 steps. While that's not a small number it's not really a great one either, just a bit over 4000 step per they. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised it being even that high. I've felt like I haven't done much of anything.

Compared to last year, the first three months weren't yet fully affected by the pandemic I managed to accumulate 460 000 steps. A bit more, but still not great. Only about 5000 steps per day. To be honest the first two months were a bit more active at around 6000 steps per day.

Going back one more year, back to the time when I was maybe at my peak activity I had already walked 700 000 steps at this time of the year. Nearly double what I have done this year and substantially more than last year. So I can't blame it all on COVID.

I really need to step up my activity. Hopefully the weather is getting nice and warm soon enough so I can finally drag myself back out there.