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Slightly healthier option

Potato chips aren't exactly a healthy snack. But sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

There are many options to choose from ranging from different flavours and cuts and probably some other things as well. The chips shelf in our regular store is approximately 20 meters long. Few of the options promote themselves as more healthy option. Having less fat or something, I guess.

No matter if the health claims are true or not buying those chips ends up being more healthier than buying the regular ones. Just because those bags are always smaller than the regular ones ( even though they still cost at least the same). Haven't yet seen the infamous megspussi version of those.

Another option to make a healthier choice, if you still insist getting chips, is to opt for some "premium" chips. Those are usually not that much more expensive, but also come in a lot smaller bag. As with the "health" chips I'm not sure whether these are either any more special than the regular ones. At least the variety of different flavours is even more broad and exotic within the premium category.