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Low battery anxiety

Past two decades have brought us to a completely new mobile age. We like being connected, while not being tied to the wire.

Despite the huge advancement in battery technologies most the devices still run out of the juice after just a day of use. We demand more powerful, lighter devices that keeps the long running times nearly constant.

The need to ensure our devices won't die while we are out there is causing a new kind of anxiety: we need to ensure our devices are properly charged before running out. It just feels too risky to head out even for a short time with just 10% battery left.

It's just getting worse when electric cars become the norm. It's just one more device we need to make sure is charged full. One more device we need to remember to plug in over night.

The wireless revolution needs just that one last breakthrough. An invention that Nicola Tesla already demonstrated over a century ago. Unfortunately wireless electricity is near impossible to meter, so no electric company will be interested in advancing this miracle technology. There is no business to be made from transmitting electricity over air.