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Healthy delicacy?

Last week I bought myself an ice cream. While I try to eat healthy I do allow myself a treat every now and then (still too often to be honest).

While eating I did an interesting discovery. The thing I had picked up was actually one of those "healthy" kind o five creams: low on carbs, all natural. This one even was high on protein. I didn't pay any attention to such things while picking it up from the store. What drew me to this particular one was the combination of teo of my favourite flavours: white chocolate and salty liquorice. And despite being a healthy version of ice cream it was good.

So my dilemma then was: did I eat healthy that day. Should I consider eating that ice cream as something unhealthy when it has less calories as my breakfast yoghurt? This is important as eating healthy is one of my daily tasks I track (obviously not the one I've been keeping a long streak).

Is eating such a delicacy equal to eating unhealthy? On the other hand yes, even if it in itself isn't healthy, eating extra calories in addition to the normal meals is, well, extra calories. Even if it would be something healthy like fruits for example. But then again, eating it as a breakfast should be completely fine.