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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Much anticipated new Mortal Kombat movie premiers today. Thanks to COVID the movie will also be available on HBO at the same time it opens in cinema (if there are any open at this time). Unfortunately for us Finn's the opening time is quite late as it follows the US opening time globally.

Ok, maybe the much anticipated is a bit of an overstatement. I actually only learned there will be a new movie maybe a week ago. Not something I was expecting after 24 years from the previous one. I either don't expect too much from this new version. The previous ones weren't any masterpieces either (especially the second one).

But there is certain nostalgia in the franchise. Takes me back to the nineties when the first games were the hot topic. I believe given a controller and put in front of the game I could still recall all those special moves and finishers from the muscle memory. I also remember going out with the friends after seeing the original movie doing poor imitation of all those fancy moves.

Apparently this isn't the first time the movie franchise has been meant to reboot. There were also some efforts done during the last decade to film a new movie. The was even to include some of the original cast in this version.