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As bad as I expected

I didn't expecting much and I wasn't disappointed. The nee Mortal Kombat movie was no masterpiece. It wasn't either bad enough to be good in that campy way.

Without a top end budget it's hard to cast people who can both act and fight. This being s fighting movie the later is an obvious choice. And it definitely shows. Stunning fighting scenes are loosely tied together with poor acting. There isn't much of character development outside our protagonists unlocking their arcana powers. Without knowing the back stories from games the characters would be left thin and distant.

But that's where this movie shines. It's true to the original games. Bringing many of the loved characters from those games once again to the big screen. Certain aspects in the fighting scenes might make you cringe, but then again they replicate perfectly the gaming experience. In addition to all those familiar characters you can catch many of their signature moves, even the wilder ones... and then there are the fatalities: as gory as in the games. So not a movie for the sensitive ones either.

I could only recommend this movie to those who have dear memories playing the original games decades ago. It's a nice throwback to those days.