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Visual defects

I never considered myself a visual person. I don't have much graphics skills or an eye for design. I'm usually not bothered by small visual defects... except when they are on something I have made.

I'm sure most of the time those flaws only bother me. Others might not even notice them. But for me they stick out like a sore thumb. They are all I can think about when looking at my creations. The little perfectionist in me is taking control.

It's hard not to be so critical at myself. I know I'd probably miss the similar issues in others work and still dismiss them when pointed out. I just need to learn to do the same for my own things too.

But then again, it's really pleasing to look into something perfect I have made. The satisfaction is sometimes worth the effort. That just shouldn't be the blocker to get something out to the world. It's ok to fix the issues later (when possible). Done is still better than perfect.