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Archery studies

I think archery might be the perfect hobby for me. I have no ides why I haven't picked it up earlier.

On a surface it seems simple. But it's a lot more than just hurling pointy sticks with a string and another stick through the distance.

First of all it's a sport. I haven't always been into sports, but as I've grown older I have had to start taking care of myself. The more physical sports are not really for me, but something that requires steadiness and concentration - I think I could be good at that. And it requires enough work to burn a few calories along the way even if it isn't the most exhausting activity.

The big thing for me is the history. First bows go back for thousands of years. A lot to learn from different archery styles or how the bows have evolved, how they have changed the course of history.

Then there is the physics. Like for example how does different things affect the flight of the arrow. There is even the archers paradox!

Really interesting things I love to learn about. And now I have something to focus on instead of learning just about some random things I happen to came across. Learning and practice for both body and mind.