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Vegan alternatives

There is a lot of daily food products that need to be replaced if you want to be vegan. Luckily, there are already vegan alternatives for almost everything.

The problem is the naming of those products. The traditional animal based products producers get defensive when the vegan alternatives come to the market. They don't want those products to be called the same as their products. You can't call a meat substitute for example "vegetable meat". Of course for some products the replacement is rather obvious despite of what they are allowed to call it. But there are also products that are not that easy to distinguish.

Sure, they are different products. But in common language the original animal based name has become the common word for those things. It shouldn't depend on the origin of it, but the usage. It can be milk no matter if it comes from a cow or oats. They are both used the same way. It shouldn't be any different than telling cow milk from goat milk. Just telling what's the origin of it.

It's the same old story making consumer's life harder due to the greed of the capitalists that want to use every possible trick to increase the sales of their own product.