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Looking for apartment

Our youngest got into a school. A school that is in Helsinki, 50 kilometers from home. So they would need to find an apartment closer to the school (and move away from home 😥).


Helsinki isn't a cheap city to live in. Sure there are cheaper areas, but those are far away from the school taking away precious time commuting. And the difference honestly isn't even that big. There are also dedicated student apartments available, which are actually cheaper. So cheap that it's almost possible to live in them without working along the studies or taking the affordable student loan. Unfortunately there is 10-12 months waiting time for those apartments.

After some hunting we finally found a suitable apartment. It's close to the school and, while not cheap, not too expensive either (if you can say that for a rent almost the same as out mortgage payment for an apartment four times bigger).

But it is what it is. I want to make sure they can focus on studies and not worry about the living. With all the government grants for students they would still be a hundred euros short just to pay rent. So it comes down to mommy&daddy grant to make the living. Isn't that what the parents are for?