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Marvelous day

You don't get a new Marvel production every day. Nowadays they only come every week (with some longer breaks between the series). But today was a special day: we got both the fifth episode of the Disney+ series Loki and a new MCU movie Black Window (there was a preview in the theatre today, the official premiere isn't until Friday).

It was nice getting out once in a while. Haven't had too many opportunities for that lately. I don't even remember what was the last movie I saw in a theater. Might have been Tenet. It was also nice to spend a couple of hours in a nice cool theatre, away from the constant heat.

The movie itself was good. Not the best thing ever, but not the worst either. In all the Marvel movies I'd rank it just a bit above average. It had some world- and character building going on opening the backstory of Natasha Romanoff. But most of all it was a movie about family values. And of course it was packed with over the top action scenes, which it delightfully had a stab on itself making fun of all those ridiculous superhero poses.