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Back to the home region again

This will be yet another weekend we are visiting our hometown, third time within a month already. That's more than the whole year before that! Even before the COVID times we rarely came here this often ( yet maybe a bit more regularly).

Part of it is probably due to the fact that the restrictions are a bit more relaxed now and people are starting to have at least the first round of vaccinations. So it's just nice to finally being able to visit relatives we haven't seen too much lately.

On the other hand it's just pure coincidence. There just happens to be special occasions happening close to each other. First there was my brothers bachelor parties, then the midsummer and now we came here to celebrate the birthday of our youngest child with relatives as it's easier to arrange the party for them here.

And the visits aren't even stopping here. At the end of the month we need to head once more back here when my brother's weddings will be held. After that, at least for now there isn't anything planned. But I do hope we get back to the regular rhythm of visiting here again.