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Old classic

7 wonders is one of those older classics we used to play a lot over a decade ago. I never had it in my own collection as the copy we played was my wife's sisters then boyfriends.

Years later when I gor more serious with boardgaming and collecting it was one of those games I wanted into my collection. Unfortunately it was long been out of print and really hard to find. Until recently the second edition came out. Obviously I had to get it right away.

It took a while after acquiring it to finally get it on the table. But today it finally happened. It didn't take long to recall the rules (and adjust to those few changes made in the second edition). It's mostly still the same game and definitely not a bad one even if there might be better games with similar mechanisms available today. Compared to those other games it does have that nostalgia factor that, for me, does raise it above those new contenders. It might not get as many plays as it did back then. But I'm glad to finally have it on my collection and get it on the table every once in a while.