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Yesterday I woke up today

I had a brief moment of confusion yesterday morning when I checked my watch. It showed the date 15th of July. I don't always remember exactly what date it is and for a moment I was just ok with that. But then I was like wasn't the 15th supposed to be Thursday. I was also pretty sure the day before had been Tuesday. Had I skipped one full day or did I just remember the date wrong?

It turned out my watch was just showing the wrong date for some reason. But it wasn't just that. A wrong date would have been somewhat logical error. The clock was also half an hour behind. So the logical explanation would be that the watch was just 23 and a half hours ahead.

What makes it even more weird is the fact that the watch should be constantly synchronizing it's time with my phone (and the internet) so it shouldn't even be possible to have it on the wrong time. The phone was still showing the correct date and time. After rebooting the watch it dutifully displayed the correct date and time again.