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Vacation time!

Today was my last day of work before a three week vacation. I "left" the work early as I had some extra hours in from the past couple of months. I've been working shorter days the whole week to get my balance down to zero. It was definitely nice to be able to do shorter days at it started getting quite exhausting working on this heat.

So today was almost a vacation day already. And I already got so bored I almost ordered us a new car! In the end I settled to only ask quotes on couple of options.

The weather seems to also be setting on a vacation mode. The traditional joke in Finland is having the "vacation weather" e.g. cold and rainy. It was already a couple degrees colder than the recent weeks. Which is actually quite welcome. It's still extremely good weather here. I wouldn't mind some of that rain, but I hope it wouldn't rain the whole vacation. That would.make it even more boring.

Luckily there will be a lot of program planned for the next three weeks so I'm sure I won't be bored to death before I can get back to work again. It's good to have a moment to relax.